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Purcell No. 7k7k--Purcell No. 7k7k web version online play

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This article tells you about Purcell No. 7k7k and the knowledge points corresponding to Purcell No. 7k7k web version online play. I hope it will be helpful to you Don't forget to bookmark this site. Article table of contents: 1. How does 7k7k Purcell Saint Armor Black get 2. What does 7k7k Purcell Elf stamina do? 3. How does 7k7k Purcell Gaia fight 7k7k Purcell Saint Armor? Yuan, and then get the Black Spirit. Come to the Altar of Light on Grace Star. Click on Black. Choose to fight Black. In the end, you get Jingyuan and achievements. The way to obtain Black's blueprint in Purcell mobile game is as follows: Gate of Time and Space: Diamonds through the Gate of Time and Space can be directly exchanged for Black's. However, there are still more diamonds, but it is indeed the most direct way to obtain them. First, the first pass. Props from last week are needed, or reacquired now. This level is very simple, so I won't say much. In the second level, you need to strengthen Black to snatch the crystals, and you can pass the level by accumulating 80. Here it is recommended to strengthen Black to three stars, it is very easy to fight. With green fire, start with Bajie to eliminate strength, then Sgarka blew himself up, and finally equipped Liasus with the fifth strong attack (Liasus needs to open the third hole, the explosive attack route, the special attack on the panel is above 510, and the special attack pearl and Versatile Enhancement Potion). Liasus can also be replaced by the Heavenly Snake Taizu, but the Heavenly Snake Taizu is not as stable as Liasus. Open the SPT Road to the Brave, click Challenge God of War Alliance and then click Black to teleport to this location: Rift Galaxy - Grace Star - Light Altar. . Purcell King Black cannot be obtained. The necessary props for King Purcell Black are obtained through the event Purcell Black King is coming to complete four tasks - the cloth hall knowledge quiz, night devil mystery, cool skills guess and dark maze battle. 7k7k What is the physical strength of the elves on the Purcell 1. The blood volume of the elves in the Purcell is called physical strength. Only those who have physical strength can resist the enemy's attack to a greater extent. 2. The so-called learning ability is an improvement in the ability of elves. Among them, 4 points of learning ability is a point of ability value. It is stored forever, unless you wash away the learning ability. For example, when your elf has no physical learning ability, its physical strength is 350, but after brushing 40 physical learning ability, its physical strength becomes 360. 3. I want to say that the answer on the first floor is wrong. Brushing stamina does not mean replenishing blood, but by fighting Dingaru (Dinger), add 1 or 2 points to the stamina learning ability behind the column of elf data stamina, and there will be more improvements when upgrading . 4. The physical strength of elves is mainly related to physical race, individual, physical learning ability, engraving, equipment, title, team bonus, development bonus or permanent solid strength mixture, etc. The physical strength of individual elves is also related to soul seals, such as Messo Riel, Vers, etc. 5. Hello, there are two types of Purcell to absorb the opponent's physical strength, one is fixed value absorption, and the other is percentage absorption. Absorbing the opponent's physical strength means: absorbing the opponent's physical strength and adding it to oneself, that is to say, returning blood to the opponent and deducting blood from the opponent. How to play 7k7k Purcell number Gaia 1. After finishing the Purcell number 7k7k, the landlord, there are only three available methods, one is Sobirat, I have talked about Purcell number 7k7k. The second is to set the magic flame gorilla blood higher than 377, and use the deadly flame to hit the probability! The third is that Rey has completed all the special training, and his physical strength exceeds 320. Note: two energy beads are required, special defense and defense. 2. See how to play rp when Purcell kills Gaia in two rounds. First practice the flash AI with full attack and defense (safer). As long as Gaia uses back to basics in the first round, it will win, as many as several times, He will do it. 3. Fifth: Because of Gaia’s previous strengthening, he can directly capture the Nine Realms (this life’s PP unlimited must-hit skills are valid, and the others are all invalid). If you’re lucky, you can hit Pony’s 5th life with half the blood... If Pony’s Holy Light Qi Saier For 7k7k, you can change to an elf that can resist Pony's 2 fatalities, and then change to Hamo to strengthen it 5 times. This is the end of the introduction to online play of Purcell 7k7k and Purcell 7k7k web version. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Purcell No. 7k7k--Purcell No. 7k7k web version online play