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Pet Version Legendary Raiders--Pet Version Legendary Raiders Daquan

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Today I will share with you the knowledge of Pet Version Legendary Raiders, which will also explain the Pet Version Legendary Raiders Daquan. If you can solve the problems you are facing now by chance, Don't forget to follow this site, let's get started now! List of contents in this article: 1. How to fight pets on the official website of Legend 2. How to use pet skills on the legendary gm 3. How to fight pets on the official website of Legend 311. If you want to control the attack of pets, press Ctrl+A once to attack. The attack state turns to stop attacking, and then press Ctrl+A once to enter the rest follow mode. There are specific commands to take a pet and instruct the pet to attack. Baby skill key: ALT and Q. Retract: CTRL plus E. Change attack or follow mode: CTRL + G. Guardian: CTRL plus D plus mouse. Attack skeleton: ALT plus A. Rest/Attack: CTRL + Q + mouse to attack the target (provided that there is a spiritual call). First turn on the computer, enter the unlock password, and enter the main page of the system. Next, open "Legendary GM" and enter the main page of the game. Finally, the pet secret realm is opened, and pet skills can be brushed by attacking the secret realm. How does the legendary GM use pet skills to play Journey to the West (GM unlimited pet skills) Download the pet version through Fenglin mobile game Legend Raiders: http: //? ct=shouyou&ac=info&gid=5252. After entering the game, click on the exclusive toolbar on the left. There are detailed guides for the pet version of the game's legendary strategy, as well as gift packs and newcomer discount coupons. From the first generation to the second generation is fusion, that is, to give birth to BB. From the first generation to the level of 50, 70 and 90, you can give birth (props are needed at 90). Find a pet of the same opposite sex and go to Lige to get the second generation after 72 hours (the first generation is still yours. , which is equivalent to saying that the second-generation BB is taken from the legendary Raiders of the pet version) Evolution does not change the algebra. If you want to brush equipment without opening it, you are looking for loopholes. I will only talk about the opening of the pet version of the legendary strategy. Pet Rescue Legend level 311 strategy 1. What kind of strategy do you want for this game? It depends on how much money you spend, and the level is high. It all depends on luck. 2. Picture 1: Character attribute 3935 water character, speed 1399, physical damage 21858, spell damage 10920. Figure 2: Pet attribute participation conditions After reaching level 60, you can participate in the Dream of the Eight Immortals once a day. The task of the Dream of the Eight Immortals needs to be completed within 2 hours. If the time is exceeded, the task will be cancelled, and the player will be sent out of the map. 3. After entering the game first, if it is English, click the national flag in the upper right corner to switch between Chinese and English. Create a character, don't rush into the game, the ranger has no inheritance at the beginning and only a dagger, which will make your character die repeatedly, which is the ultimate torture. Check the box below and don't hurt me, you can choose your favorite profession. 4. Hunt the red fire fox to get the essence, hatch pet eggs, and open the pet part of Xuanyuan Legend mobile game. [Help the Guardian of the Outpost] The monsters that appeared in the Flame Tower Array are controlled by people, and have captured the Flame Tower Array outpost. Warriors need to rescue the guardians of the outpost. 5. Sensitivity 1 is strong. Or all sensitivity + to sensitivity + immobility and then + strong. There is also violence addition, +2 strong and 1 sensitivity is absolutely fierce pet excellent pet qualification recommended selection: highlight agility, strength, endurance (the current baby except dragon Both are physical attack skills) the first choice is to bring attack talent. This is the end of the introduction about pet version legend strategy and pet version legend strategy guide. Did you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Pet Version Legendary Raiders--Pet Version Legendary Raiders Daquan